Bella Galhos

Activist Type
LGBTQIA+ Rights, Human Rights, Political, Environment, Women's Rights

Bella Galhos, born in 1972, is a former East Timorese independence activist who has been involved in various roles such as a translator, presidential advisor, human rights activist, and environmentalist since East Timor gained independence in 2002. She endured a challenging childhood marked by family turmoil, sexual violence, and being sold to a soldier at the age of three during the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. At 16, she joined the Timorese independence movement and later spent three years as a double agent working with the Indonesian authorities before seeking asylum in Canada. In Canada, she became an advocate for human rights in East Timor and played a significant role in international lobbying efforts. After East Timor's independence, she worked for the United Nations and founded the Leublora Green Village and Green School, promoting women's rights and environmental awareness. Galhos is also known for her activism in supporting LGBT+ rights in East Timor and has received several awards for her courage and advocacy efforts

Artwork by
Fran Matos

Inspired by Bella’s commitment to educating women, children, and youth in order to foster a world where both they and the environment are treated with reverence and care, I've directly referenced the organization and educational center led by Bella—the Leublora Green Village—as the lush environment that  spills from Bella’s hands.

East Timor

1.321 million
May 20, 2002
Total Area
15,410 km2
East Timorese
Federal parliamentary republic
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