Dr. Radha Rampersad

Activist Type
Human Rights, Women's Rights

Dr. Radha Rampersad works in Trinidad and around the world as an advocate for women and human rights. She is dedicated to helping the underprivileged achieve a better life. In 2014, Rampersad was the recipient of the Golden Rule International Award. Golden Rule International is affiliated with the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative, African Union, and United Nations and focuses on recognizing people that embody the spirit of the golden rule. Rampersad now serves as an ambassador for the iChange Nations institution which helps to mentor and train individuals to do humanitarian work throughout the world.

Artwork by
Anne Di Lillo

This portrait is composed of Trinidad and Tobago’s national symbols: The feathers of the Scarlet ibis and clusters of Chaconia flowers arranged in a decorative head-dress akin to those worn on Carnival. While many Caribbean nations are known for their Carnival celebrations, Trinidad and Tobago hosts the largest. The artists involved in creating these spectacles were involved in choosing the national symbols for their country in the 1960s, highlighting their influence on the country's visual culture.

Trinidad and Tobago

Selman Peace Post Trinidad and Tobago Dr Radha Rampersad Flag Wl
1.526 million
Port of Spain
$32,139 per capita
August 31, 1962
Total Area
5,131 km2
Trinidadian, Trini (colloquial)
Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
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