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Mohammed Moulessehoul, known worldwide as Yasmina Khadra, embodies a literary luminary whose journey from the Algerian Sahara to the heart of French literature has captivated audiences across the globe. Born in 1955 into a landscape shaped by the struggle for Algerian independence, Khadra's early years were steeped in the rich oral traditions of his nomadic heritage, instilling in him a deep appreciation for storytelling. Despite the constraints of military life, Khadra's passion for literature blossomed during his tenure at the Cherchell Military Academy, where he honed his craft amidst the tumult of Algeria's civil unrest. His decision to write under various pseudonyms to evade military censorship underscored his unwavering commitment to truth and freedom of expression, laying the foundation for a prolific literary career. Khadra's novels, spanning almost four decades and translated into dozens of languages, offer profound insights into the human condition against the backdrop of conflict and social upheaval. From the Algerian Civil War to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and life under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Khadra's works traverse the complexities of the modern world with empathy and nuance, challenging readers to confront uncomfortable truths with courage and compassion. His decision to relocate to France in 2000 marked a new chapter in his life, allowing him to amplify his voice on the global stage while remaining deeply rooted in his Algerian heritage. Beyond his literary endeavors, Khadra's brief foray into politics with a presidential bid in Algeria underscored his enduring commitment to social justice and reform. Today, Yasmina Khadra stands as a towering figure in contemporary literature, his legacy as a storyteller and advocate for change continuing to inspire generations around the world. 

Artwork by
Amina Wafaa Berrais

Growing up in Algeria, drawing has always been my passion since childhood. Inspired by my Algerian roots and life's journey, I draw from various sources like art itself, cinema, literature, and everyday experiences. Through my digital portrait, I aim to capture the depth of the powerful storytelling of Yasmina Khadra surrounded by leaves, reflecting a sense of growth and wisdom.


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July 5, 1962
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