Dag Hammarskjöld

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Human Rights

Dag Hammarskjöld was an economist and diplomat from Sweden who was appointed as the second secretary-general of the United Nations. The standard by whom all following secretary-generals have been judged, JFK praised Hammarskjöld as “the greatest statesman of our century”. Dag, a staunch proponent of disarmament, was influential in mediating multiple international crises and was tragically killed in a plane crash on his way to negotiate a ceasefire in the war-torn Congo. There is a great deal of evidence supporting the theory that his plane was intentionally shot down. Having been nominated prior to his death, Hammarskjöld was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961.

Artwork by
Christopher Schroeder

Dag’s portrait is a collage paying tribute to the assemblage of countries under the banner of the United Nations. His tie references his home country of Sweden. Hammarskjöld wears the helmet of the U.N. Emergency Force which was established under his watch as secretary-general. His shoulders are crafted from stacks of burning guns to symbolize Dag shouldering the burden of disarmament, his greatest and most personal cause.


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