Martial Pa’nucci

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Martial Pa'nucci is an African rapper-activist and writer (under the pseudonym of Moyi Mbourangon), and co-founder of the citizen movement Ras-le-Bol in Congo, now living in exile in Burkina Faso for almost 8 years. With 6 albums and 2 books to his credit, he's a force as a political rapper, poet, and thinker, challenging norms and sparking change. His debut solo album, #2015CHRONIQUES, dubbed "the most politically engaged Congolese hip-hop album of all time" by Vice, and accolades like "Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year" at the Beat Street Awards in 2016 highlight his influence. Despite exile due to persecution by the Congolese regime, Martial Pa'nucci remains a beacon for activism, shedding light on issues of corruption and human rights violations. 

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 “We must choose between champagne for a few and drinking water for all.”
- Thomas Sankara

Republic of the Congo

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August 15, 1960
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