Henri La Fontaine

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Henri La Fontaine, a Belgian international lawyer and president of the International Peace Bureau, won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1913 for his leadership in the European peace movement. A pioneer for women's rights, he co-founded the Belgian League for the Rights of Women in 1890. La Fontaine's influence extended to the founding of The Hague Peace Conferences and advocating for an international court post-World War I. He spearheaded efforts for global pacifist unity and founded organizations like the Centre Intellectuel Mondial and the Union of International Associations. La Fontaine's legacy also includes his contributions to international law and his role as a freemason. His works include legal handbooks and a history of international arbitration, reflecting his dedication to fostering peace and cooperation worldwide.

Artwork by
Gheleyne Bastiaen

I’m a digital illustrator and I love to use bold colours and shapes in my work. I am also a big fan of design and antiques and try to incorporate those into my illustrations when I can. In general an illustration starts with some traditional sketching on paper. After that I’ll bring the sketch into Photoshop or Procreate, pick a colour palette and get to work. My aim is to try to have a clear illustration with only a few colours, I love how challenging this can be. I draw a lot of inspiration from other artists like sculptors, animators, photographers and furniture makers. Other than that, I will get inspired by things I see in day to day life like colourful people on the street or stuff on flea markets.


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October 4, 1830
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