Donnya Piggott

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Donnya "Zi" Piggott, a tech entrepreneur, designer, and human rights advocate from Barbados, co-founded B-GLAD in 2012, a support organization for LGBT individuals in her country. Her own experience as a young homeless lesbian inspired her activism, aiming to create a safe and supportive community for others in similar situations. Piggott's work emphasizes the importance of recognizing everyone's humanity and advocating for equal rights and opportunities, particularly focusing on legal protections and employment equality. Her efforts gained international recognition when she received Queen Elizabeth's Young Leaders Award in 2015. Currently serving as CEO and Co-Founder of Pink Coconuts, Piggott continues her mission by connecting LGBTQ travelers with LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations worldwide, empowering local LGBTQ+ communities. Her dedication to social impact earned her accolades, like being named the winner of the Sustainable Development Goal 10 Challenge by One Young World in 2019.

Artwork by
Islenia Mil

In crafting Donnya "Zi" Piggott's portrait for The Peace Post, I aimed to embody her dedication to peace and human rights advocacy. Surrounding Zi with flying fishes and symbols of Barbados, her homeland, I sought to convey her connection to her roots and her ongoing mission to champion peace on a global scale.


Barbados Flag
November 30, 1966
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