Rafael Marques de Morais

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Rafael Marques de Morais, born in 1971, is a courageous Angolan journalist and anti-corruption activist acclaimed globally for his relentless reporting on conflict diamonds and governmental corruption in Angola. Despite facing adversity and imprisonment for his outspoken critiques of the Angolan regime, Marques persists in his fight against injustice. He currently leads the anti-corruption watchdog Maka Angola. Throughout his career, Marques has been internationally recognized for his unwavering dedication to truth and justice, receiving prestigious awards such as the Percy Qoboza Award, the Civil Courage Prize, the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award, and the Allard Prize for International Integrity, among others. His fearless pursuit of accountability serves as an inspiration to journalists and activists worldwide.

Artwork by
Joana Taya

For Inspiration for this Illustration, I have used the reference of an African Fabric Pattern. Although African fabrics have a lot of history behind their origins, in Angola and many African countries, we consider them African. In Angola, this fabric is used in daily life, especially by women. These fabrics are a symbol of the identity and cultural tradition of the country. Therefore, I choose these recognized patterns as the design connection to Angola. I also kept a black-and-white portrait illustration of Rafael Marques de Morais to resemble a newspaper visual related to his journalism career.



Angola Flag
November 11, 1975
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