Hadjira Oumouri

Activist Type
Women's Rights

Hadjira Oumouri is a pioneering Comorian politician and midwife who made history by serving in the Assembly of the Union of the Comoros from 2015 to 2020, becoming only the second woman ever elected to the body in the country's history. Born in Foumbouni, Grande Comore, she dedicated her career to women's health and rights, working with organizations like the United Nations Population Fund and founding the women's association Femme en Mouvement. Transitioning into politics, she represented her commune, Itsahidi, advocating for increased female representation in the male-dominated political landscape. Despite facing challenges, she championed laws for women's empowerment and fought against gender-based violence during her tenure. Oumouri's journey exemplifies resilience and determination to break barriers for women in politics.

Artwork by
Arielle Martins

For the illustration of Hadjira Oumouri from Comoros, I wanted to represent the activist side of Hadjira in a strong and symbolic stance, together with cultural elements from Comoros: the striking landscapes, the fairs, and the warm, vibrant colors.


Comoros Flag
July 6, 1975
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