Mohd Nasarudin Mohd Yusof

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Mohd Nasarudin Mohd Yusof became the first Malaysian recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 for his team’s “extensive work to eliminate chemical weapons” at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). A former member of the Malaysian Armed Forces, the retired lieutenant-colonel joined the organization in 2011.

The OPCW is an intergovernmental organization established in 1997 in the Hague, Netherlands. It is comprised of 193 sovereign states and serves to oversee the elimination of chemical weapons of its member states. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded months after the Ghouta chemical attack in Syria, which was as an unfortunate reminder of the power and presence of these types of weapons. Mohd Yusof and his team at the OPCW were instrumental in aiding the UN investigation which led to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118. Adopted unanimously, the resolution laid the framework for the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons during the Syrian civil war. 

Mohd Nasarudin Mohd Yusof has used the recognition he received from the award to encourage young Malaysians to pursue their goals and aspirations. Throughout his time abroad, Mohd Yusof has served as a proud representative of Malaysia stating, “When you work overseas, no matter how small it (your work) is, you are carrying your country’s flag”.

Artwork by
Stephen Lim

The backdrop of this portrait was inspired by traditional Malaysian batik textile art. To contrast the vibrant and bold surrounding, Mohd Nasarudin Mohd Yusof is portrayed in a softer rendering.


Malaysia Flag
Kuala Lumpur
August 31, 1957
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