Andromachi Sophocleous

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Andromachi Sophocleous, a former political analyst, is a prominent Bicommunal Peace Activist and one of the founding members of Unite Cyprus Now (UCN), a bi-communal pro-unification group established in 2017. She has played a crucial role in advocating for the reunification of both sides of Cyprus, particularly since the opening of checkpoints in 2003, ending 30 years of division by barbed wire and a UN peacekeeping mission in the buffer zone. Sophocleous and UCN continue to actively pressure politicians to fulfill their promise of reunification and promote peace and inter-communal communication on the island.

Artwork by
Hanjoon Kim

This portrait of Andromachi Sophocleous is inspired by her home country, Cyprus. This country is divided into the south, where most people are Greek, and the north, where most are Turkish. The Greek and Turkish tile paintings in the portrait symbolize Andromachi's hope for harmony and reunification between the two communities.


Cyprus Flag
October 1, 1960
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