Vera Duarte

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Human Rights

Vera Duarte, a multifaceted figure known as a poet, human rights activist, government minister, and politician, has dedicated her life to advancing justice and equality. Born in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente, Duarte's journey took her from Cape Verde to Portugal, where she studied at the University of Lisbon before returning to serve her country. With a remarkable career spanning from being a counselor judge at the Supreme Court to an advisor to the President of the Republic, Duarte's impact extends beyond borders. Her contributions have been recognized globally, including being awarded the inaugural North–South Prize in 1995 and the prestigious U Tam'si Prize for African Poetry in 2001, making her the only Cape Verdean to achieve such recognition. As a co-founder and chair of the National Commission for Human Rights and Citizenship of Cape Verde and her recent role as Minister of Education, Duarte continues to champion human rights, education, and citizenship, leaving an indelible mark on Cape Verdean society and beyond.

Artwork by
Lauren Pedrosa

In this graphic representation inspired by the poetically charged advocacy of Cabo Verde's Vera Duarte, one can perceive the subtle interplay of shadow and text, symbolizing the profound impact of her words on the collective consciousness. The overlay of her poetry upon her visage not only honors her literary contributions but also embodies the essence of her peaceful activism, reflecting the depth of emotion and the persistent call for harmony within her nation. This piece serves as a visual homage to Duarte's enduring quest for peace and the resonant power of her poetic voice.

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