Clovis Razafimalala

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Clovis Razafimalala is a Malagasy environmental activist who combats the illegal trafficking of Madagascar’s natural resources, as well as the political corruption that allows for it to continue.

As the coordinator of the Lampogno Network, Clovis has made it his mission to end the trafficking of rosewood in Madagascar. Despite being made illegal in 1975, the exportation of rosewood runs rampant as the bright red bark is highly sought after for luxury products. In order to protect the fragile ecosystems of Madagascar’s forests, Clovis has advocated for an end to this illegal industry.

In 2016, Clovis was accused of organizing a riot and committing arson following the arrest of a fellow timber advocate. Although he was not present at the violent protest, Clovis was jailed for these crimes. Following an outpouring of support and a surprise trial, he was released from prison. Unfortunately for the many activists who support this cause, it has become the norm to falsely imprison people who speak out against the illegal trafficking of rosewood. Despite the intimidation they face, Clovis Razafimalala and his supporters remain vocal about protecting the unique beauty of Madagascar.

Artwork by
Eugene Lee

This portrait of Clovis Razafimalala is inspired by the traditional silk textiles hand-woven in Madagascar which serve both functional and ceremonial uses. The vibrant maroon in the artwork is inspired by the unique color of the rosewood trees Clovis works to protect.


Madagascar Flag
June 26, 1960
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