Gerelee Odonchimed

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Women's Rights

Gerelee Odonchimed, a Mongolian lawyer and gender equality advocate, serves as the vice director of Women for Change, an organization she co-founded in Ulaanbaatar to combat domestic violence in a culture where it is often excused as a norm. Raised in a challenging environment marked by economic and social upheaval, she draws upon her own experiences to connect with women facing similar hardships. Through initiatives like "Behind Closed Doors," which showcased real incidents of domestic violence, Women for Change has garnered public support and influenced the adoption of the Law to Combat Domestic Violence by the Mongolian government in 2016. Gerelee continues her mission to empower Mongolian women by addressing the stigma surrounding reporting abuse and providing essential resources.

Artwork by
Adam Ames

This portrait of Gerelee Odonchimed is inspired by the paintings of Zayasaikhan Sambuu, a Mongolian painter, who combines traditional Mongolian painting with modern art and illustrates the ancient culture and heritage of Mongolia and Central Asian nomadic peoples. Inspiration was also taken from a painting "Mongolian lamas" by Alexander Yakovlev.


Mongolia Flag
December 29, 1911
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