Paola Flores Carvajal

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Paola Flores Carvajal, a passionate young climate activist from Bolivia, is taking meaningful action to combat the impacts of climate change in her community. As a co-founder of Magnífica Warmi, Paola and her team are dedicated to educating Indigenous women about climate change and empowering them to take action. Through workshops and outreach efforts, they provide valuable knowledge on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, recognizing the vital role these women play in their families and communities. Paola's commitment to tangible change is inspiring, as she refuses to wait for empty promises from leaders and instead chooses to make a difference every day. Let's join Paola in her mission to create a sustainable future for all

Artwork by
Claudia Gorena

My name is Claudia Gorena, a Bolivian graphic designer, illustrator, and graphic design teacher. I firmly believe in the transformative power of education in society and have a passion for modern and contemporary art. I use illustration as my primary means of expression, particularly enjoying children's illustration for its playful aspect and the opportunity it provides to experiment with materials and techniques. Additionally, I explore a more serious side, focusing on the exploration of my femininity and my role as a woman in the world, reflecting anxieties, questions, and experiences. I find inspiration in Afro-Brazilian and Latin American symbols and spirituality, considering them bridges to my spiritual side, where I explore themes such as death and communication with other worlds. All of this enriches my artistic language.


August 6, 1825
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