Zahra Airall

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Women's Rights

Zahra Airall, a prominent figure from Antigua and Barbuda, wears many hats as a writer, women's rights activist, filmmaker, director, and playwright. Notably, she co-founded Women of Antigua and holds a leadership position within the organization. Airall directs the Sugar Apple Theatre in Antigua and has penned impactful plays like "The Forgotten," showcased at the Caribbean Secondary Schools Drama Festival. Her literary contributions extend to collaborative projects like "She Sex" and captivating short stories such as "The Looking Glass." Recognized for her multifaceted talents, Airall has received prestigious awards, including the literary arts award at the National Youth Awards in 2016, honoring her diverse contributions to literature, activism, and the arts.

Artwork by
Anique Frederick

Anique Frederick, an artist and art educator hailing from the picturesque island of Antigua, finds profound inspiration in the island's national flower, the hibiscus. This stunning flower, renowned for its vibrant colors and delicate form, plays a pivotal role in Frederick's creative process. Additionally, Zahra Airall, an influential figure, has significantly impacted Frederick's artistic journey, infusing it with depth and meaning. Embracing modern techniques, Frederick's approach to art involves a meticulous digital process. This process culminates in the creation of digital collages, where traditional artistry meets the boundless possibilities of digital media. Through this innovative method, Frederick crafts artworks that not only celebrate the natural beauty of Antigua but also pay homage to its rich cultural heritage, all while showcasing a unique blend of inspiration and digital craftsmanship.


Antigua and Barbuda

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November 1, 1981
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