Neville Charlton

Activist Type
Children's Rights

Neville Charlton, Founder and Chairman of Youth Inspiring Positive Change JA. Ltd | Positive Org, leads a registered Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to engaging youth in development, volunteerism, and social change in Jamaica. Through organizing and training programs, the organization focuses on empowering youths to address social issues innovatively and fosters growth and empowerment, particularly among vulnerable populations. Collaborating with various NGOs and groups across Jamaica, the organization works towards youth empowerment, gender equality, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding in urban centers. Neville has been recognized with numerous awards for his impactful contributions, including the Scotiabank International Community Program Award in 2014 and the Prime Minister Youth Award for Excellence in 2017. He also serves as Chief for the Jamaica Hurdles Crew, providing marginalized youth with opportunities in sports since 2008.

Artwork by
Kokab Zohoori-Dossa

I was inspired by Neville’s positive attitude to life and desire to uplift and make communities better and more unified. The hands around him, depicting the peace sign, a thumbs up and the Jamaican “seal” handshake, are made of wood. Wood carving is a popular traditional Jamaican art form. The tree behind him is a Jamaican Blue Mahoe, the national tree and a symbol of resilience and strength, as well as beauty and positivity.


Jamaica Flag
August 6, 1962
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