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Binhanquinhe Quimor, known as Binhan, is a Bissau-Guinean musician who has gained a reputation for denouncing the social and political situation in his country through his music. He discovered his musical talent at an early age and gained popularity in Guinea-Bissau by performing at local and regional festivals, winning several singing contests. In 2008, Binhan was named Cantor Revelation of the Year in Guinea-Bissau by critics. He has continued to use his music to bring attention to the challenges facing his country, earning him recognition such as the prize for outstanding modern music singer at the “1st Guiné n’dade National Gala” in December 2014.

Binhan’s debut album, “Lifanti Pupa,” showcases his talent for melody and features a mix of songs that address social and political issues, love, and country. The album includes songs like “Bolserus” and “Turpeça Dissabidu,” which criticize the behavior of the Guinean military and political class, as well as more positive tracks like “Mariana” and “Lifanti Kala,” which celebrate love. Binhan also sings about his country, with tracks like “Amor só Amor” and “Guiné Nha Terra,” and includes danceable themes such as “Sega” and “Tudo na Passa.” Binhan sings in Creole and other dialects of Guinea Bissau, making him a true ambassador of the culture and tradition of his country. His music is a powerful tool for bringing attention to the struggles and challenges facing Guinea Bissau.

Artwork by
Connie Leung

Inspired by Binhan's hopeful and uplifting music, the vibrant colors in the illustration reflect his outlook on a peace-filled Guinea-Bissau. Patterns were inspired by traditional fabric and artwork from the Bijago, Baga, and Majak people, while the mix of styles is reflective of Guinea-Bissau's rich cultural heritage and Binhan's ability to sing in multiple languages and reach a universal audience.

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September 24, 1973
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