Alfiado Zunguza

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Alfiado Zunguza is a Mozambican peace advocate and founder of the JustaPaz peacebuilding organization. Zunguza grew up in the midst of Mozambique’s 15-year civil war between the Mozambique Liberation Front and the Mozambique Resistance Movement political parties. The violent civil war was responsible for a million deaths and five million people displaced. Although the war officially ended in 1992, it has been a long road to reconciliation between the various sides in Mozambique. Alfiado was left without a mother at the age of six, and he grew up bouncing between relatives in a search for in an effort to find security and continue his education. In 1996, Alfiado met some volunteers from the Mennonite Central Committee who were working with a local church to perform conflict resolution and reconciliation in the area. As a result of his contact with the volunteers, Alfiado would go on to attend the Eastern Mennonite University Summer Peacebuilding Institute later that year.

Artwork by
Ana Jaks

After exploring the beauty and importance of Capulana’s within Mozambique’s culture, alongside the vivid colours & pattern, I felt it was only right to illustrate Alfiado Zunguza adorned in pattern and colours that belong to the country’s flag. Whilst Capulana’s are worn by the women of Mozambique; preserved and passed from one generation to the next and with them the stories of the women who wear them. I loved the idea of Alfiado being frozen in time forever, woven into a Capulana for the peace work that he has done and continues to do in the community.


Mozambique Flag
March 1, 1498
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