Sara Ezabe Malliue

Activist Type
Human Rights

Sara Ezabe Malliue is a Maltese activist and one of the co-founders of the #RedefiningUs movement. Focused on dispelling racial and religious prejudice, the movement was established after Ezabe Malliue was discriminated against for wearing a headscarf in her predominantly Catholic home country. In 2016, Sara received the Queens Young Leader Award for her work promoting inclusivity. Given an international platform, Ezabe Malliue called on world leaders to promote a more open discussion of race and religion as a way to fight inequality. She believes that her negative experiences growing up Muslim in Malta are a result of fear and a lack of understanding of her culture and religion. Ezabe Malliue was later featured on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 for Law & Policy list in 2018 for her contributions to combating hate speech. Sadly, as a result of this recognition, Ezabe Malliue was further subjected to the same hate-filled rhetoric that inspired the creation of the #RedefiningUs movement. Despite this cycle of xenophobia and hate, Sara has been undeterred in her work. She remains committed to her belief that sharing ideas and understanding one another is the path to peace.

Artwork by
Anne Di Lillo

Sara Ezabe Malliue operates with the belief that intolerance comes from fear of the unknown, but by forming connections with others it becomes clear that we all have more in common than we first thought. The intricate interwoven strands of lace is an apt material for Sara’s portrait. Strung together in the pattern are symbols of her dual heritage. On the right sits a Maltese Cross and the Widnet il-Baħar flower representing Malta. On her opposite shoulder rests a star and crescent from the Libyan flag and the Silphium plant.


Malta Flag
September 21, 1964
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