Daher Ahmed Farah

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Daher Ahmed Farah, a prominent figure in Djibouti's political landscape, stands as a beacon for democracy in a nation unique for hosting military bases of both the United States and China, with France maintaining a presence as well. His commitment to democratic principles has put him in the crosshairs of authorities who accused him of libel against the army chief of staff and of undermining military morale. In response, he's found refuge in Brussels, living in exile after his government issued an arrest warrant. In his quest to restore democracy to Djibouti, Farah has journeyed to the United States, engaging with Congress to shed light on the critical situation in his homeland.

Artwork by
Ang Bamundo

For my portrait of Daher Ahmed Farah, I incorporated the colors of the Djiboutian flag and patchwork geometric elements to form an image of forward momentum and strength in small numbers forming a whole. I was inspired by Farah's aim of giving voice to independent political thinkers in Djibouti and by the small nation's place at a post-colonial crossroads.


Djibouti Flag
Djibouti City
June 27, 1977
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