Ales Bialiatski

Activist Type
Human Rights

Ales Viktaravich Bialiatski epitomizes the unwavering spirit of pro-democracy activism in Belarus, tirelessly championing human rights through his pivotal role at the Viasna Human Rights Centre. Despite enduring persecution and imprisonment, Bialiatski's dedication remains resolute, serving as a beacon of hope for activists worldwide. His remarkable contributions have been honored with prestigious awards, including the Right Livelihood Award in 2020 and the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, underscoring the global recognition of his advocacy for peace and justice. Yet, Bialiatski's ongoing imprisonment highlights the persistent challenges faced by those fighting for freedom in Belarus, calling for unwavering solidarity in the pursuit of human rights and democracy.

Artwork by
Alex Stikeleather

This embroidered portrait is inspired by traditional Belarusian embroidery. While the portrait itself is more true-to-likeness, the shape in the back is an interpretation of a symbol for "strong family," which I incorporated to suggest unity of the people, and Bialiatski's dedication to human rights.


Belarus Flag
July 27, 1990
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