Norry Schneider

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Norry Schneider is a Luxembourgish environmental activist and a member of the Luxembourg High Council for Sustainable Development. Schneider has over a decade of experience working in natural sciences and systems analysis for many social and environmental NGOs. In 2011, he co-founded Transition Minett, a sustainability and urban gardening initiative in Luxembourg. With a focus on eliminating dependency on fossil fuels, this organization promotes sustainable living and helps the people of Luxembourg learn how to reduce their environmental impact. Appointed to the CSDD in 2016, Norry has been a leading voice in the fight against climate change in his home country. With the government's aid, he has been able to further spread the importance of sustainability. Working locally, Schneider has informed local authorities and continues encouraging citizens to participate in the pressing climate action issues.

Artwork by
Anne Di Lillo

Norry’s portrait is reflective of his approach to empowering local authorities towards more effective citizen participation in climate action and suggests that starting small can lead to large changes.


Luxembourg Flag
Luxembourg City
June 9, 1815
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