Sir James Mancham

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Sir James Mancham is a Seychellois politician, businessman, author and peace advocate. The founder of Seychelles’ democratic party, Sir James was elected as the country’s first president when it gained independence from British rule in 1976. Less than a year later, Mancham was deposed in a coup d’etat and resided in London in exile for the next 15 years. When the ban on opposition parties was finally lifted, Mancham returned to Seychelles helping to lead the country back to a multi-party democracy. Sir James has since stepped down from leading the party to focus on peace advocacy and international reconciliation efforts with various foundations. Mancham’s statesmanship and philosophies regarding world peace have earned him the International Jurists Award, Gusi Peace Prize, Africa Peace Award and a knighthood in Britain among other accolades.

Artwork by
Katie King Rumford

A few inspired local artists recently introduced stained glass in the Seychelles. What began as a passion project is now a burgeoning art form focused on using environmentally responsible, recycled and reused materials. Another desire of the artists is to pass on the art form to future generations ensuring an art form that is both beautiful and created responsibly. The vibrant colors of the coastlines and landscapes were the inspiration for the stained glass portrait of Sir James Mancham.


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June 29, 1976
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