Gogontlejang Phaladi

Activist Type
Human Rights

Gogontlejang Phaladi, a dynamic activist from Botswana, recently garnered global attention at a United Nations youth forum in New York and was hailed as one of the world's most innovative young leaders. At the forum, she passionately urged her peers to take charge of Africa's future, emphasizing the need for youth involvement in shaping their continent's destiny. Phaladi, whose philanthropic journey began at a tender age due to personal experiences including a family car accident and witnessing the impact of HIV/AIDS in her community, founded the Gogontlejang Phaladi Pillar of Hope Organization (GPPHO) at just five years old. Despite facing stereotypes and challenges as a young woman, she remains undeterred, advocating for youth representation in decision-making processes. Through seminars, workshops, and charitable events across Botswana, she has demonstrated her commitment to effecting positive change, using platforms like Yarona FM to amplify her message. Ms. Phaladi's resilience and determination serve as an inspiration as she encourages fellow young Africans to speak up, take action, and refuse to be silenced.

Artwork by
Ismani Sun

My creative process is very intuitive. I’m inspired by everyday moments and the way we connect with one another. I’ve always been drawn to people, their beauty, diversity, expression, and emotions. I love creating simple and appealing artwork that communicates the stories of my subjects while expressing my artistic vision. Using digital mediums, I love to play with light, lines, unique patterns, and textures to create a magical effect in my work. I chose to go with a more realistic reflection. Using the colors of the Botswana flag to tell a story. Black and white signify the racial harmony of the people and also the national animal, the zebra. Continuing with this theme, I used subtle glowing lines to reflect the symbolic stripes of the zebra’s harmonic essence. The stokes represent the duality in Ms. Phaladi's spirit as she often speaks on topics of equality. Lastly, blue is used to signify rain, a sign of hope, new beginnings, and transformation. The zebra is black and white and can be seen as a symbol of the balance between light and dark or between opposing forces. Ms. Phaladi is seen nurturing a glowing light of hope and peace in the darkness to be shared with the world.


Botswana Flag
September 30, 1966
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