Yolanda Mori

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Yolanda Mori, a dedicated environmental activist with a focus on climate action, has committed herself to this cause for over a decade. Her profound passion for ocean protection has driven her to hold the position of Blue Prosperity Micronesia Program Coordinator, where she actively leads efforts to develop the Federated States of Micronesia’s blue economy. Through her leadership, she concentrates on bolstering sustainable fisheries, crafting marine spatial plans to safeguard a significant 30% of the nation’s marine environment, and striving to ensure the enduring well-being of Micronesia’s marine ecosystems. Yolanda’s significant prior achievements encompass the establishment of Micronesia’s inaugural climate change education program, which brought essential knowledge to more than 10,000 young students and over 3,000 community members.

Acknowledging the interconnectedness of climate and social justice, Yolanda initiated Island PRIDE Micronesia, a grassroots non-profit organization geared towards empowering communities, particularly marginalized ones like women and girls, to enact positive changes. Her remarkable expertise and unwavering dedication have earned her global recognition, as evidenced by her role as a keynote speaker at prestigious events such as the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the World Forum on Natural Capital, the United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum, and the UN High-Level Political Forum, where she contributes significantly to shaping international dialogues on conservation and sustainability. Beyond her speaking engagements, Yolanda’s commitment extends further as an alumnus of the Obama Foundation Leaders Program and the East-West Center Pacific Islands Leadership Program. Notably, she serves on the Board of the UN Major Group on Children & Youth, further amplifying youthful voices within environmental decision-making processes.

Artwork by
Hanjoon Kim

This artwork sheds light on the ongoing crisis in Micronesia. The piece depicts a figure in the water, representing the devastating effects of climate change. Yolanda Mori emphasizes the importance of understanding the people who are affected by it most and what is truly at stake. Climate change may seem like a distant concern to some people, but it is a reality for those living in Micronesia. This artwork echoes Yolanda's message about the importance of taking action before climate change gets more serious.

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May 10, 1979
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