Daouda Diallo

Activist Type
Human Rights

Dr. Daouda Diallo, a passionate human rights defender and trained pharmacist in Burkina Faso, has dedicated himself to documenting and addressing human rights violations amidst violent conflicts. Witnessing the tragic deaths of nearly 200 civilians in 2019, he tirelessly advocates for the protection of human rights in areas plagued by weak rule of law and extreme poverty. As the founder of the Collective Against Impunity and Stigmatisation of Communities (CISC) and Secretary General since 2019, Dr. Diallo works to restore social cohesion among Burkina Faso's diverse ethnic groups. Despite facing threats, he remains steadfast in his mission, conducting investigations, writing reports, and providing invaluable support to victims, international organizations, and the media. Dr. Diallo's empathy, analysis, and advocacy inspire hope and solidarity among human rights defenders, demonstrating the power of perseverance and compassion in the pursuit of peace.

Artwork by
Stephanie Singleton

This portrait is a mixed-media piece using both ink and Photoshop. In the background, I wanted to incorporate both patterning from wall paintings found in Burkina Faso and Dr. Diallo’s focus on human rights/his goal of social cohesion among diverse ethnic groups.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Flag
August 5, 1960
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