Axel Axgil

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Axel Axgil, a Danish gay activist, achieved a historic milestone in 1989 when he and his partner became the world's first gay couple to legally register their partnership after Denmark legalized same-sex partnership registration. To symbolize their commitment, they adopted the surname Axgil. Axel was instrumental in founding Denmark's initial gay rights organization, F-48, in 1948, which later evolved into the Danish National Association of Gays and Lesbians. Unfortunately, his advocacy led to him losing his job once his involvement with the organization became public knowledge. They also launched a magazine named Vennen. Axel Axgil's pioneering partnership marked a significant moment in the global LGBTQ+ rights movement, and he continues to be celebrated as an icon in LGBTQ+ history.

Artwork by
Beto Garza

My portrait merges Axel and his partner together as they did with their surname 'Axgil.' The single shape symbolizes their unity, love, and shared purpose throughout their life. The illustration is inspired by the papercut artworks of famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and celebrates Axel’s unwavering commitment that has inspired the world and the LGBTQ+ community.


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c. 8th century
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