Leyla Yunus

Activist Type
Human Rights

Leyla Yunus, a courageous Azerbaijani human rights activist fighting for justice and democracy in her country, serves as the director of the Institute of Peace and Democracy. As a dedicated advocate, Yunus has spent her career championing the rights of citizens, particularly those affected by forced evictions in Baku. Despite facing numerous challenges and unjust allegations from authorities, including charges of fraud and tax evasion widely viewed as dubious, Yunus has remained steadfast in her commitment to human rights. Throughout her career, she has been a vocal proponent of reform and moderation, co-founding the modern Popular Front party and advocating for democratic principles. Despite facing persecution and imprisonment, Yunus has continued to inspire hope and resilience, earning international recognition for her unwavering dedication to the cause of freedom and justice.

Artwork by
Maleyka Khojanazarova

I present you my digital portrait of Leyla Yunus, a nominee for the 2014 Human
Rights Tulip Award, as part of the Project Peace Post. This artwork embodies Leyla's
tireless dedication to peace and justice. Against a backdrop adorned with traditional
Azerbaijani motifs, the piece features the Kelagai, symbolizing cultural heritage passed
from mothers to daughters. With the Human Rights Tulip pin adorning the scarf, the
artwork becomes a poignant tribute to Leyla's unwavering advocacy for human rights,
resonating across generations and cultures.


Azerbaijan Flag
May 28, 1918
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