MC Millaray

Activist Type
Human Rights

At just 15 years old, Millaray Jara Collio, known as MC Millaray, is making waves as a powerful Mapuche rapper and activist. Advocating for environmental and human rights, she's a leading voice for her indigenous community, using her music to shed light on the struggles of the Mapuche people. Named spokesperson for the Network for the Defense of Mapuche Children, she's not only raising awareness but also fighting for change. From performing at Climate Week in New York to using her platform to demand self-determination for the Mapuche, MC Millaray is a force to be reckoned with.

Artwork by
Giulia Zoavo

For this portrait of MC Millaray, I was inspired by the colors and layout of the Chilean Mapuches’ flag.
 The radial background emphasizes the impact of her activism and songs, echoing outward like waves. The geometric shapes are rooted in the symmetry found in indigenous symbols, while her attire and ornaments are inspired by traditional Mapuche clothing.


Chile Flag
September 18, 1810
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