Georgi Vanyan

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Georgi Vanyan was a dedicated Armenian peace activist and chairman of the Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives. Despite facing opposition and being labeled a traitor by nationalists, Vanyan courageously pursued initiatives aimed at fostering peace and dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan. From organizing events like the Days of Azerbaijan in Yerevan to attempting to host a festival of Azerbaijani films in Gyumri, Vanyan's efforts were met with both support and protests. Even amid the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, he advocated for dialogue with Azerbaijan, emphasizing the importance of communication and mutual understanding. Tragically, Vanyan passed away on 15 October 2021 due to COVID-19, leaving behind a legacy of peace advocacy and reconciliation efforts in the Caucasus region. 

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In this portrait of Georgi Vanyan, an Armenian peace activist and advocate for dialogue and understanding, we have aimed to capture both his resilient spirit and the cultural context that shapes his work. The backdrop of a vivid blue sky represents the boundless aspirations and hopes that Vanyan embodies, while the Armenian flag symbolizes his deep connection to his homeland. This illustration reflects on Vanyan's tireless efforts to bridge divides and promote peace in a region often marked by conflict. The portrait aspires to not only depict Vanyan's likeness but also to communicate the essence of his mission – a vision of a more harmonious future rooted in mutual respect and understanding.


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May 28, 1918
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