Katarina Kruhonja

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Katarina Kruhonja is a peace activist and physician renowned for her work in promoting peace, non-violence, and human rights. As a founder of the Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights in Osijek, Croatia, since 1992, she has been instrumental in fostering unity and trust among divided ethnic groups. Together with fellow laureate Vesna Tercelic, Kruhonja played a pivotal role in establishing the Coordination of Peace Organisations, preventing mass migration, and promoting integration. Recognized with the Joint Right Livelihood Award in 1998, her efforts have been instrumental in transitioning Croatia from war and ethnic division to democracy, justice, and peaceful cohabitation.

Artwork by
Mateja Kovac

The portrait depicts Katarina Kruhonja completely realistically without special artistic interpretation or manipulation, but as we see her in the photo. After seeing Katarina's photo for the first time, I was impressed by her deep gaze, which reveals her gentle nature and empathy, and I wanted to convey that in my work.


June 7, 879
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