Isabelle Amenganvi

Activist Type
Women's Rights

Isabelle Ameganvi is a Togolese lawyer and politician representing the Union Forces for Change party. She is the leader of the women’s rights division of the group Let’s Save Togo which is dedicated to advocating for democracy and economic justice in Togo. At a rally in 2012, Ameganvi called for the women of Togo to go on a sex-strike against the recent electoral reforms which made it easier for the ruling party of the past 45 years to remain in power. The idea was to make Togolese men to think about the motherland, release prisoners, and to motivate to take action against the ruling elite.

Artwork by
Albert Chang

Togolese art is a union of many different traditional African techniques. The handiworks of basket-weaving and fabric-dying are commonplace amongst the Togolese people. Namely, the batik style of wax printing holds particular importance both historically and economically as its trade once surpassed the country’s primary revenue from Phosphates. This time-honored practice, coupled with the bright dyes often found on Togolese clothing make up this portrait of Isabelle Amenganvi.


8.645 million
$1,567 per capita
April 27, 1960
Total Area
56,785 km2
Presidential republic
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