Henriette Ekwe Ebongo

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Henriette Ekwe Ebongo, a Cameroonian journalist, publisher, and political activist, has been a relentless force for press freedom, women's equality, and human rights. She has fearlessly fought against corruption, discrimination, and dictatorship, enduring torture and persecution for her beliefs. As the founder of the weekly newspaper Babela and the Cameroon branch of Transparency International, she continues to champion transparency and accountability in government. In recognition of her unwavering dedication, she was honored with the International Women of Courage Award by the United States Department of State in 2011.

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Nick Johnson

For me, creativity is all about teamwork and shared growth. I thrive on collaborating with fellow artists and community members, diving into projects that push boundaries and inspire curiosity. Through these collaborations, I've seen firsthand how art can be a powerful catalyst for introspection and dialogue. It's more than just visual expression—it's a language that connects us on a deeper level, sparking conversations and fostering personal and communal evolution.

By creating a welcoming space for open communication and mutual respect, I aim to craft art that not only speaks to you but also encourages you to reflect and explore. I want my work to be a source of inspiration, a mirror for self-discovery, and a catalyst for positive change.



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January 1, 1960
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