Inangaro Vakaafi

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Inangaro Vakaafi serves on the Niue Youth Council and is the vice chair of the Pacific Youth Council. The Niue National Youth Council, established in 1982, unifies 14 village and 5 denominational youth groups, advocating for youth interests on national and international levels.

Vakaafi champions youth leadership, believing they are pivotal in addressing Niue’s challenges such as sexual and reproductive health, non-communicable diseases, climate change, gender inequality, and domestic violence. She advocates for education as a tool to foster openness and acceptance, enhancing awareness to reduce resistance and elevate marginalized voices within the community.

Artwork by
Amy Cruz

This illustration of Inangaro Vakaafi was Inspired by Hiapo, a form of storytelling through tapestry that is unique to Niue. Included in the country's native flower, Fiti Pua, both big and small, to represent the women and children she advocates for.


Niue Flag
c. 900 AD
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