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Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel is a highly acclaimed author from Equatorial Guinea, renowned for his literary works that have been translated and recognized internationally. His repertoire includes notable works such as the novel "Avión de Ricos, Ladrón De Cerdos" (The Pig Thief And The Rich Man's Aeroplane), and the collection of short stories titled "Cuentos Crudos" (Raw Tales). In his most recent novel, "Arde El Monte De Noche" (By Night The Mountain Burns), Ávila Laurel draws from his personal experiences growing up in Annobón. Despite his professional background as a nurse, he chose to dedicate himself to writing and became one of the well-known Equatorial Guinean writers who decided not to live in exile.

However, in 2011, Ávila Laurel took a stand against President Obiang's dictatorial government and the suppression of civil liberties in Equatorial Guinea. He embarked on a week-long hunger strike coinciding with the visit of the Spanish President to his country, and as a result, he was forced to flee to Barcelona. Seeking refuge in Spain, he continues to pursue his writing career, engaging with various forms of media such as blogging, essays, and novels. The captivating documentary "El escritor de un país sin librerías" (The Writer of a Country Without Bookstores), directed by Marc Serena, offers a compelling portrayal of Ávila Laurel's life, shedding light on his literary contributions and his courageous defiance against the oppressive regime in Equatorial Guinea.

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Taller Estampa

Estampa is a collective of filmmakers, programmers, and researchers who work in the realms of experimental audio-visual and digital environments. Their practice is based on a critical and archaeological approach to audio-visual technologies, on the possibilities offered by interactive tools, and on the resources of experimental animation. 

Estampa has created the animations for the film The Writer From a Country Without Bookstores, directed by Marc Serena with Juan Antonio Tomás Ávila Laurel and produced by Fora de Quadre and Toned Media. 

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