Sulejman Abazović

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Sulejman Abazović, a young activist from Bistrica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is leading efforts to bridge divides and foster unity among youth in his community. Despite a history marked by ethnic tensions, Abazović is working tirelessly through USAID's PRO-Future project to promote dialogue and reconciliation among Bosniak and Croat residents. With the support of his peers, he has already completed three successful projects and is now embarking on a fourth, aiming to empower young people to shape the future of their town. Abazović's dedication reflects a growing commitment to building trust and understanding, offering hope for a brighter and more harmonious future in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Artwork by
Irina Kiro

In my portrait of Sulejman Abazović, I tried to capture his personality and character. I used lines, shapes and colours to show the depth and complexity of his identity. I created it from different pieces to show how he works with different people and community associations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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April 6, 1992
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