Tomo Križnar

Activist Type
Human Rights

Tomo Križnar is a Slovenian peace activist known for his extraordinary work in bringing the atrocities committed in Sudan to international attention through his documentary films and books. In 2006, while documenting the War in Darfur, Križnar was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for “publishing false news, espionage and entering Sudan without an entry visa”. The Slovene president worked to get Tomo an eventual pardon, but Križnar was forced to leave behind all his photography equipment and films which had been used to document mass graves. In 2011, Tomo began to smuggle cameras into Sudan for distribution among the local population in order for them to help collect evidence of the war crimes perpetrated by the North Sudan military. The footage collected during this period was compiled into the film Eyes and Ears Of God – Video surveillance of Sudan. Tomo was awarded the Ethicon Blue Planet Award and European Citizen’s Prize by the European Union, in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Artwork by
Nejc Prah

Renowned in Slovenia for his positive and passionate work, Tomo exudes a perpetual energy. His portrait is inspired by the vibrancy of his spirit and the hand’s on nature of his work in Sudan.


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