Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli

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Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli is a dedicated activist for Kuwait's stateless Bedoun and other minority communities, who has been imprisoned over five times due to his efforts. The Bedoun, native to Kuwait but denied official state documents, face significant challenges in accessing basic rights like education, housing, healthcare, and political participation. Al-Fadhli's activism seeks to empower the Bedoun by raising awareness and mobilizing them politically. Despite facing imprisonment, including a current one-year sentence and the threat of deportation, Al-Fadhli continues his activism through protests and hunger strikes against inhumane prison conditions. His work highlights the broader issues of injustice and inequality in Kuwait, advocating for the integration and recognition of the Bedoun. Al-Fadhli's imprisonment exemplifies the harsh repression faced by activists in Kuwait, drawing international attention to human rights violations and the treatment of dissenting voices in the country.

Artwork by
Katie Ponder

It felt very powerful to illustrate the face of Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli, a man who has so courageously stood up for the Bedoun. I referenced the Kuwait flag in the background behind him and tried to show through using strong graphic shapes to create his face the strength of his spirit. I worked in Photoshop, adding layers of texture I have created through printing and mixed media.  


Kuwait Flag
Kuwait City
June 19, 1961
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