Kristal Ambrose

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Kristal Ambrose is an environmental hero making waves in the Bahamas. With her relentless advocacy, Ambrose successfully persuaded the Bahamian government to enact a nationwide ban on single-use plastics, including bags, cutlery, straws, and Styrofoam containers. The Bahamas, renowned for its stunning coastline and vibrant marine life, was facing a grave threat from plastic pollution, with millions of tons of plastic waste polluting its beaches and endangering its ecosystems. Fueled by her passion for the ocean and spurred by a transformative experience rescuing a sea turtle entangled in plastic, Ambrose founded the Bahamas Plastic Movement in 2013 to combat plastic pollution and educate the youth. Through innovative programs like tuition-free camps and upcycling initiatives, she empowered local youths to become environmental leaders and sparked a grassroots movement for change. Her tireless efforts culminated in a historic moment in April 2018 when the government announced the ban on single-use plastics, marking a significant step forward in the fight against plastic pollution in the Bahamas. Ambrose's story is a testament to the power of youth activism and grassroots advocacy in effecting positive change for our planet.

Artwork by
Lynn Atieno

I like to draw inspiration from various sources, such as audio and visual media, in order to come up with my final pieces. My medium of choice is primarily digital, but I am open to other media that I can manipulate to effectively deliver the intended message. With this piece, the aim was to depict the subject in a positive light, by using bright and vibrant colors and imagery to highlight her environmental efforts in her home country of Bahamas.



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July 10, 1973
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