Felicia Browne

Activist Type
Children's Rights, Women's Rights, Human Rights

Felicia Dujon Browne is a St. Lucian advocate for human, gender and children’s rights. As the founder and president of the Caribbean Mentorship Institute, Browne has worked to provide mentoring programs to youths across the Caribbean, embracing a philosophy that “every youth has the potential to succeed.” Additionally, Browne serves as a lecturer in philosophy of law, gender, metaphysics and moral philosophy at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. Browne states, “We must continue to advocate for alternative solutions for peace-building and development in our small nations…Caribbean nations are beginning to experience the effects of economic and social violence. We must engage our youths to think positively of themselves and their communities. Our youths need to experience peace within their homes, their schools, their communities and most importantly, within the countries.” In recognition of her work, Felicia was recently nominated as Ambassador For Peace by the Universal Peace Federation.

Artwork by
Evan Anthony

The flag of Saint Lucia was designed by Dunstan St. Omer, a Saint Lucian painter known for his vibrant colors, "prismism" technique, and religious murals. His son, Luigi St. Omer, continues the tradition of beautiful paintings depicting Saint Lucian life. This illustration combines the St. Omer family's colorful and religious sensibilities with the graceful sculptural forms of the Eudovic family of Saint Lucian artists, portraying Felicia with a group of children from the Caribbean Mentorship Institute.

Saint Lucia

Flag of Saint Lucia
March 1, 1967
Total Area
617 km2
Saint Lucian
Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
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