Carles Iriarte

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Carles Iriarte, a champion of environmental defense in Andorra, has dedicated his life to preserving the natural beauty and fostering sustainable development in his country. From his early days with Greenpeace at age 16 to his pivotal role in organizing Andorra's first ecological demonstration against French nuclear testing in the Pacific, Iriarte has been a driving force in environmental activism. His efforts, including campaigns against incinerators and for the protection of riparian forests, have garnered national and international support. Through platforms like APAPMA and "Ciutadans en Acció," Iriarte has spearheaded various initiatives, from environmental workshops for students to serving on key commissions for waste management and conservation plans. His instrumental role in the "Save the Madriu" campaign, leading to the valley's UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, underscores his commitment to preserving Andorra's cultural and natural heritage. Beyond environmental activism, Iriarte's contributions extend to the health sector and community associations, showcasing his broad leadership and dedication to societal well-being. A beacon of integrity and passion, Carles Iriarte stands as an inspiration for future activists, embodying a vision for a greener and more sustainable future in Andorra and beyond.

Artwork by
Alexia Navarro

My art reflects my deep connection with Andorra's natural beauty and my commitment to preserving it, inspired by Carles' dedication. I use a green palette to symbolize our duty to protect the environment. By capturing iconic elements like the grandalla and the mountains, I aim to honor the region's stunning landscapes. My work is a genuine expression of my love for nature and my dedication to its conservation.


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