Halimatou Hima

Activist Type
Children's Rights

Halimatou “Halima” Hima, an advocate for women's and children’s rights, has worked with over 100 villages and youth across Niger to address the nation's challenges. Born in Arlit, northern Niger, Halima became the president of Niger’s Youth Parliament at 15, leading campaigns to improve girls' education, juvenile prison reforms, HIV aid, and civic action. Representing Niger at a Pan-African Youth Conference in 2004, she became a UNICEF consultant by the age of 22. Halima earned a bachelor's degree from Wesley College and became the first Nigerien to attend Harvard University, where she obtained a master’s degree in Public Policy. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Developmental Studies at the University of Cambridge, she focuses on empowering Niger's impoverished regions through education. Named one of “Africa’s 25 top emerging women leaders under 25” in 2011, she is inspired by the concept of illimi—“Knowledge, Humility, Purpose”—from her great-grandmother.

Artwork by
Danii Pollehn
Creating the portrait of human rights activist Halima Hima was truly rewarding. Highlighting someone who makes such a difference is always fulfilling. Plus, this project fit perfectly with my love for portraying diverse identities and cultures. For inspiration, I turned to abstract modern art from Niger, known for its vibrant colors and symbolic patterns. These elements helped capture Halima's heritage and the cultural depth of her activism. This project beautifully combined my passion for art with honouring an incredible human rights champion.


Niger Flag
August 3, 1960
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