Agueh Dossi Sekonnou Gloria

Activist Type
Human Rights

Agueh Dossi Sekonnou Gloria, the dedicated founder and president of Réseau des Femmes Leaders pour le Développement (RFLD) in Benin, embodies a passionate commitment to advancing gender equality and sustainable development in her community. Through her leadership, RFLD has become a beacon of hope, providing essential training to civil society activists, lawyers, and judges on regional women's rights standards and mechanisms. Gloria's advocacy and legal efforts have not only empowered women but also brought about tangible change by challenging gender discrimination and harmful traditional practices such as widowhood rites, FGM, and early marriages. Despite facing numerous challenges, Gloria remains unwavering in her mission to amplify women's voices and ensure their rights are protected both nationally and regionally. Her tireless dedication to empowering women, conducting research, and providing legal aid to victims of human rights violations exemplifies her profound impact and unwavering commitment to social justice in Benin.

Artwork by
Luciano Cian

It was amazing to develop the illustration/portrait of this great human rights activist for several reasons: firstly, because it is always very gratifying to highlight people who really make a difference, and also because it is directly related to my artistic work, which often focuses on portraying people and talks about different identities and multiple cultures. Regarding the colors and shapes, I sought inspiration from African fabrics and their prints. "Kapulanas", as these fabrics are called, have symbolic meanings within African culture, and are used to represent different aspects of life and marks of group identity.



Benin Flag
December 11, 1958
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