Ai Weiwei

Activist Type
Human Rights

Ai Weiwei, a contemporary artist, documentarian, and activist, has become a prominent voice against the Chinese Government's suppression of democracy and human rights. His bold investigations into government corruption, notably the Sichuan schools scandal after the 2008 earthquake, have sparked international attention. Despite facing arrest and detention for his outspokenness, Ai Weiwei remains a pivotal figure in Chinese cultural development, blending political conviction with personal poetry in his sculptures, photographs, and public works. Through his art, he sheds light on pressing Chinese political and social issues, utilizing traditional Chinese art forms to amplify his message. 

Artwork by
Yukai Du

This portrait presents Ai Weiwei in his profile. Many of his works are related to modern Chinese society and politics, his body in the picture becomes a ‘window’ to see the most iconic Tiananmen Square which also echoes his documentary "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry". The overall color and visual elements also incorporate some characteristics of Chinese paintings, such as turquoise mountains, fine lines depicting clouds.


China Flag
221-206 B.C.
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