Maxwell Dlamini

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Maxwell Dlamini is a Swazi activist and student leader. Maxwell helped to organize pro-democracy student groups in opposition to Eswatini strict monarchical control. Since 2011, he has been in and out of jail for his political activism. Dlamini has suffered a stroke as a result of his treatment and torture by the Swazi government. In recognition of his efforts, Dlamini has been nominated for several student peace awards and was the recipient of the All-Africa Students’ Union’s Student Activist Award in 2013.

Artwork by
John Paul Chirdon

Swazi art is known for it’s various and vibrant handicrafts, with rich traditions in grass, basket, and hair weaving, jewelry making, batiks, as well as, wood and stone carving. Maxwell Dlamini’s portrait begins with the warm, bright colors and sharp patterns of these tactile crafts and interprets them in a state of slight deconstruction and disarray from their typical sound geometry.


Eswatini Flag
Mbabane (executive), Lobamba (legislative)
September 6, 1968
Swazi or Eswatini
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