Hewan Areaya

Activist Type
Women's Rights

Hewan Areaya, an Ethiopian feminist activist and human rights professional, brings over six years of experience working with national and international organizations to advance the rights of marginalized groups, particularly women with disabilities, women in conflict regions, and refugees. Holding both a law degree from Addis Ababa University and a Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of Wisconsin, Hewan’s career has been marked by impactful roles, including program officer at a U.S. refugee resettlement agency, where she ensured compliance with federal grant requirements, and her involvement with Women Enabled International, where she advocated for women and gender non-conforming individuals with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Ethiopia, Hewan co-founded Siiqqee Scholars, a women’s rights initiative committed to empowering young girls through education, managing grants, training programs, and donation campaigns. Her dedication also extended to addressing period poverty by mobilizing resources to provide menstrual hygiene products for 1300 Ethiopian women and girls in conflict areas, highlighting her tireless commitment to social justice and equality.

Artwork by
Jess Brett

This vibrant portrait of Hewan Areaya, a dedicated feminist activist and human rights professional, celebrates her unwavering commitment to social justice. The bold and bright colors that frame the refined central portrait represent the passion and vitality she brings to her work. The intricate background pattern, inspired by traditional Ethiopian basket weaving, serves as a symbolic tapestry of unity and cultural heritage, reinforcing the importance of embracing diversity in the fight for equality and human rights.


Ethiopia Flag
Addis Ababa
c. 980 BC
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