Ban Ki-moon

Activist Type
Human Rights, Environment

Ban Ki-moon is the eighth and current secretary general of the United Nations. Key components of his agenda have centered around global warming and peace negotiations in Sudan and around the Middle East. Ban Ki-Moon has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights identifying the cause as one of the greatest human rights neglected in modern times. In 2016, Ban Ki-moon released a report called ‘One Humanity, Shared Responsibility’ in which he laid out an “Agenda for Humanity”outlining the goal of bringing an end to conflicts en masse. Additionally, Ban Ki-moon organized the World Humanitarian Summit to “share knowledge and establish common best practices” on the subject of humanitarian aid.

Artwork by
Alex Stikeleather

This portrait of Ban-Ki Moon is inspired by a mix of Korean portraiture along with elements of traditional landscape paintings. Korean portraiture is a collection of soft, flat, monochromatic paintings with strong lines, while landscape paintings are typically vibrant with color and originated in South Korea. These paintings are usually done on textured mulberry paper or silk, and consistently displayed calligraphic elements, in this case Ban’s signature, and symbols of longevity, such as the sun.

South Korea

Selman Peace Post South Korea Ban Ki Moon Flag
51.74 million
August 15, 1948
Total Area
100,210 km2
South Korean, Korean
Unitary presidential constitutional republic
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