Stanley Rensch

Activist Type
Human Rights

Stanley Rensch is a Surinamese human rights activist and teacher. Rensch formed the human rights group Moiwana ‘86 as a response to the government-led massacre of 35 women and children in the Maroon village of Moiwana in east Suriname. The group demands justice for the killings and Rensch along with other members have been targets of both military surveillance and assassination attempts. After fleeing to the Netherlands for a short time, Stanley returned to his work in Suriname saying “Everyone interested in justice here must take risks”.

Artwork by
Johnny Selman

Surinamese art is a blend of styles reflective of Suriname’s diverse cultural and ethnic make-up. The true diversity of Surinamese art has come to light more in modern times as prior to independence works that adhered to western cultural standards were most prominent. The art of Suriname is often incorporated directly into the Surinamese culture, this is especially true for one of the largest ethnic groups, the Maroons. Surinamese art is known for its bright color palette and depictions of everyday life.


Selman Peace Post Suriname Stanley Rensch Flag
December 15, 1954
Total Area
163,821 km2
Unitary parliamentary republic
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