Shahidul Alam

Activist Type
Human Rights

Shahidul Alam, a versatile Bangladeshi figure, embodies the essence of activism through his multifaceted roles as a photojournalist, educator, and institution builder. Founder of institutions like Drik Picture Library, Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, and the Chobi Mela International Photography Festival, Alam has been instrumental in shaping the narrative of social justice in Bangladesh and beyond. His commitment to human rights and freedom of expression has earned him prestigious awards like the Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society and the Shilpakala Padak. Despite facing adversity, including imprisonment for speaking out against government repression, Alam's resilience and unwavering dedication to his principles continue to inspire a global movement for justice and accountability.

Artwork by
Nasheen Jahan Nasir

The portrait of Shahidul Alam depicts his determination, resilience and optimism through the vibrant colors of traditional rickshaw art of Bangladesh. Both rickshaw paintings and Shahidul’s photography work generate from the grassroot level of Bangladesh where they both illustrate  the emotions, strife and tragedy at the same time the dreams and aspirations of local people. All the elements in the art depicts his journey and struggle as a photojournalist including the 107 days he spent in jail.



Bangladesh Flag
March 26, 1971
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